Holy Trinity Homilies
History Panel - Founder’s Day

History Panel - Founder’s Day

October 7, 2019

Parishioners Linda Arnold, Natalie Ganley, Ned Hogan & Pat Towell discuss the changes at Holy Trinity over the past 50 years. During that period, parishioners saw Holy Trinity evolve from a neighborhood-focused parish to the church of choice for thousands of people. Moderated by Peter Higgins, the panel reflects on the experience of Vatican II and the renewal of the parish; social upheaval, protests and activism to include a reconciliation in 1994 with Epiphany Catholic Church parish; the departure of the religious women who had taught our children and inspired us for 200 years; the closing of our parish cemetery in 1985 and the planned opening of the columbarium; and a new perspective—parish is not just a place to go to church, but also a community and family

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